Any recommendations for slash chaptered fics & last Saturday night scare

I never thought that something like that could happen to me of all people. The funny thing was that I contradicted it. I didn't think that any boys would want to harass me. But letches are letches, that's what I've learnt. I'm stupid to think otherwise.

I was at a goodbye party for a german friend of mine who's going back to Berlin. When we left, me and two other girls went to look around town before we got picked up by my friends mum.

These boys, obviously wasted, walked up to us, their arms out stretched trying to make us turn around. One of them came up to me and did that thing where when you walk one way the other person purposely does the same thing. They asked us where we were going and I chose at that moment to grab onto my friends and walk away as quick as possible.

I know people have been through worse than this. But these guys were in their late 20s and looked seriously letchy. I was really worried.

Despite that, does anyone have any recommendations for slash stories? I've read so many that I can't find any that I havent read.

So hit me with your best slash!
January 23rd, 2012 at 07:58pm