Staying Home From School | Insidious | Dean Winchester!

I stayed home from school today. My stomach started hurting last night and I thought it would get better when I ate my Lucky Charms this morning, but it didn't. My nana and I were halfway to school when I asked her to turn around and take me back home. Ugh, I went back to sleep and felt much better. I also kind of stayed home because I have a lot of work to finish. Urmm.... I have to draw a map of the places in the Great Gatsby and I have to do a worksheet on it. I also have a whole page of AP World History homework and I think my teacher bumped our test up to tomorrow. That's not cool.

Anyway, I'm home alone. I haven't done much today. I've had a Skins and Bones marathon on Netflix, lol. Sort of a weird combination. Speaking of Netflix, I watched Insidious last night and holy cow, that sh*t was scary. I have honestly never been scared by a movie and I've watched tons of horror movies. But oh man, that movie scared me. I usually pass on present day made horror films because they suck, but Insidious was pretty good. The plot and everything was really interesting and all that scary stuff was pretty realistic looking.

For all you Supernatural fans, today is Dean Winchester's birthday!


My sweet baby hunter who's been through hell and back. (literally)


I know he's just a fictional character, but Dean is so..... he just deserves happiness and everything beautiful in the world.

akf;djskfsdj I have to stop before all my Dean feelings come pouring out.
January 24th, 2012 at 07:44pm