I wrote a story about a storm, and a storm came to my hometown.

On “ Nothing Like Ice Cream

I wrote this story when I was feeling sad about a boy. And sometimes my mind goes to strange places, become dramatic and blows things out of proportion. My situation wasn’t the same as the main character’s, but the emotion was definitely the same. I wanted to hurt him because he hurt me. But I know if I try to hurt him, it won’t help anybody, least of all me. So I constructed a scenario of what might happen if I did attempt to hurt him in a stupid way. It would obviously backfire.

The weird thing about this though is that I put a destructive storm in the story, and then suddenly a few days afterwards a destructive storm made its way to my hometown, where storms like that only come once in a hundred years. So... that was a weird coincidence. I hope I had nothing to do with it.


I just felt like explaining my story. I might do more of these journals in the future, where I talk about the emotion I had while writing a certain one-shot. It’s one of those things that have to be written, but not necessarily read. But I thought I’d make this public anyway in case anyone was curious about the behind-the-scenes part of my one-shots.
January 31st, 2012 at 08:40am