Men, I'm single ;)

Hahah, that title was just there for fun! I've been single for basically my whole life so nothing new there! Its hard to say I like being single single since I've never experienced a relationship, so therefore I have nothing to compare it too... oh I'm such a whiny b*tch right? haha I know I am :).Buttt I'm not really searching for a relationship either, I want it to find me. Even if I'm hiding.

Oddly enough I really want to experience a break up... not a super bad one of course. I just want to understand what all those sad depressing break up songs are all about, I want to know how it feels to finally let someone go, and have them let me go as well. Have you ever had one of those friendships where someone thinks that you're their bestfriend but you really don't like them that much and they kind of ignore you? I don't want a break up to be like that. I think it should be mutal, you know? But this is the real world and thats NEVER really going to happen now is it?
February 3rd, 2012 at 01:16am