Anyone here use iMovie? +Music Recs?

And knows how to make story trailers. I always used to make story trailers on my computer, and now that I have iMovie on my Mac, I'm completely clueless as to how to make a story trailer using the iMovie program. My friend makes story trailers on iMovie...and I don't think she uses gifs...since the scenes are awfully long for if anyone here uses iMovie to make story trailers, could you please teach me your ways <3 I really want to make a story trailer for this story I'm reading!

I need some new music to listen to while I work on learning how to make story trailers again. SO IT'S TIME FOR MUSIC RECS! I pretty much listen to all types of music, but my favorite genres are generally pop, and alternative, indie music.

Right now I'm obsessed with this song:

It just makes me want to get up and dance and just akjfhagdlsiufhsifguhaiskl, it makes me so happy!

I also need some really sad song recs. Like, whats the one song you listen to whenever you're sad?

Oh! I'm also looking for some good piano music, so if anyone knows any good piano pieces, feel free to rec them here!
February 5th, 2012 at 11:40pm