floating awaaaaaaaaaaaay

well, I feel like that anyway.
I just got back from hospital like an hour ago and I'm full of drugs and other funky stuff.

I got up at 6 AM, was in the theatre for 9 AM and back on the ward for 10. I was only really nervous when I was in the room where they put you to sleep. I didn't have any emla cream on so all the anaesthetist guys were trying to distract me from having a canula put in my hand. I dunno why, it doesn't even hurt that much, it's just like scratching. I guess they must be used to people crying and stuff.

So, yeah. They put the 'magic milk' in my hand (old habits die hard tbh) and I was flat out within like, 5 seconds. The next thing I remember is drifting back into consciousness and having a fucking sore throat and I kept thanking the anaesthetists. I'm not entirely sure why. For looking after me, I guess. I'm always really polite when I'm in pain or suffering, it's quite amusing @_@

So yeah. I had to stay on the wards for 3 hours because they took some biopsies and about an hour ago I also realised they took the dressing off my leg and replaced it with their own (why? o_O) and I'm going back to see the registrar i-don't-know-when in two weeks or something.

This is a totally weird feeling right now. My body is still sleepy from the anaesthetic but my mind ia awake. I feel probably about 90% conscious but 10% of me is somewhere else. I'm not hungry at all. It would be a kind of nice drifting feeling if my hand wasn't all sore from the canula and my thorat wasn't killing from the camera-down-throat.
July 10th, 2007 at 10:42pm