When Your Friend Puts You Down... || Swap

I have an amazing friend named Sean. He's a great guy and I feel really comfortable around him. Even though I have no romantic feelings for him at all, I really like talking to him and being stupid with him; it's fun. I always am there for support for him and vice versa, and it's really comforting.

The only problem is, he shoots me already low self esteem way way down. He makes comments about me looking ugly without makeup on or when I'm in sweats. I understand he doesn't need to compliment me, that's just dumb - but he shouldn't be putting me down either. I don't want to mention something to him too directly because I don't want him to get too upset or think of it as me taking it the wrong way. What should I do?

Swappage Time :D!

The Art Of Breaking Up

Any type of genre is just fine; any rating goes as well. Please give me something pretty close in length please and nothing more than two chapters.

Hope you all are superdy duper well :D <3.
February 8th, 2012 at 09:45pm