Gotta love dumb ***s :)

so today I got the best news that completely made my week; the annoying freshman whore got caught giving an upper-class-men guy head in the girls bathroom. GOOD JOB! I about died laughing when I heard that. She completely deserves it. Oh and to make it even better, she has a boyfriend too. So not ONLY did she get caught doing naughty things, but she also got caught cheating on her boyfriend. fantastic.

This, kids, is why you save that sort of stuff for the boiler room :)

Some of you may be reading this being all: "pshhh! That's no big deal!" But for my small school... that's the scandal of the month! Last month it was when a some-what close friend of mine got pregnant. Yeah. She was a bit of a whore too... <.< ... >.>.... :D
February 9th, 2012 at 02:20am