"She's Down In the Basement, Talking About Emily"

I hate my step mom. There are moments when she can be tolerable but over all, shes a miserable bitch. Nothing is ever good enough for her, nothing. I'm quiet, I stay in my room all the time, I don't do drugs or fail school. Nope. I try to do nothing wrong because I don't like getting yelled at (it makes me cry...). But apparently that's not good enough.

I'm in my room and I over heard my step-sister telling my brother about how she (my step-mom) is being super bitchy and is in the basement talking about Emily... WHAT DID I DO?!!

Okay, maybe I was a bit sour today, but I just got done with my 5 hour long stage crew practice, I haven't eaten for 6 hours and I really didn't feel like going to my dads house. SHOOT ME. Apparently shes the only one who can be bitchy and in a bad mood all the damn time. Only her, no one else.

At least she didn't call me fat at the dinner table today. Yeah, she basically called my Dad and brother fat. My brother got pissed and got up and walked away (I would have too). He's not even that fat, yeah hes a little pudgy, but he works out alot and its not his fault that my family has the worst genetics in the world. God I hate her...

Sorry about this little rant but I've had enough with her
February 12th, 2012 at 06:02am