myPod :)

So after having my obnoxious 160 GB iPod classic since October 25, 2011... I FINALLY registered it and got an apple account. Yes, it's been that long. All the music on my ipod was just cds and the stuff I could transfer from my old nano. So I bought some pretty cool things, a little You Me At Six, some Katy Perry, a free book that I can never read umm... yeah...

So heres my question for you guys, if I were to write another fan fic who would you rather it be about:
Oli Sykes- Bring Me the Horizon
Max Helyer- You Me at Six....


I'm not sure, but theres quite a few Oli ones out there so I wasn't sure if you guys all wanted another one or not but you decide for me :)
February 19th, 2012 at 01:59am