It's snowing! I am updating Rule the World today. I SHALL MAKE MYSELF.


Good morning mibba. :)

Yeppers. It's snowing outside, and yesterday you could run around without a jacket on. The weather is f*cked.

For those of you reading Rule the World, which isn't very much, I will be updating sometime today. It might take me a while I'm trying to get into the swing of writing for it. I love the story to death I just have got the... writing mojo for it. But I'm gonna attempt to get it flowing by listening to Kamelot... as soon as the Five Finger Death Punch song is over. Wish me luck!

It won't be a sh*tty update I promise! ... I hope.

I know the feeling.

Could you check these out for me mibba? And maybe comment? It would be awesome if you did!

This is mainly the one I want you to check out.

Hate Me This one is me venting. Written for this story: I Wanna Be Somebody It's a song by Memento Mori, which is a fictional band created by my co - writer and I for that particular story. All of the 'bands' lyrics are my own.


Take the World By Storm
Wrote this for Memento Mori. :)

Hope you like them. :)

I leave you with walking man:


AND Simone!


See you guys :)

Edit: I'm listening to Rule the World by Kamelot. Good lord that's all it takes. I'm getting more in the mood to write for RtW! (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!) ''and the crowd goes wild!''
February 19th, 2012 at 05:22pm