Killing Children - It's not what you think.

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to write and post journals here. I am not "journal famous," thus a fair few actually read and respond to anything I post. But, here I am.

I want to pose a question to Mibbians. Do you ever go to one of your favorite author's story pages and just want to cry because you feel like their story page is uncluttered and organized even though they have, like, 50 stories published and completed? Is it because they're completed? Is it the length of the summaries? Because every time I delete stories or rework the summaries to make the page look cleaner, it doesn't last long until I'm back to hating the layout and placement of the stories. It isn't just me that feels this, is it?

I'm very tempted to delete all of my stories and poems and just start over, but I feel like I'm killing a child. I wish there were a way to just make a story private without deleting all the chapters. That would be fantastic.
February 26th, 2012 at 08:10pm