Will Noon's gonna get a letter from me tomorrow thanks to Juliet

Five bucks says none of you know who he is!

Seriously though, he's the current drummer for fun. and is such a badass. One of my favorite people in the world, I mean, he has to be, I'm forever joking that he's my future husband.

But yes - what do you think of it, not too creepy, right? And yes, I know I'm awkward slightly but it's sadly just me... Yeah...

I feel kind of weird writing a letter to you ‘cause I doubt you’ll get past the first paragraph. I’m kind of figuring that you’ll see it’s from me and be like, “It’s probably just her fan girling over me. Bin!” But I may be wrong, you may actually see it’s from me and be entertained by the idea of me writing a letter to you.

First off, thank you. Um, thank you for Breaking Pangaea and thank you for Straylight Run. I know you weren’t apart of Straylight Run at the start but still, thank you.

Breaking Pangaea have been a band close to my heart since I was eleven and in a care home. One of the care workers sons were in America and used to send over mix tapes and demo CDs all the time. I’m kind of upset that I lost the cassette tape of BP songs that I used to have along with the really old MxPx ones. But the point is, you guys helped me through a really rough and confusing time. Even these days when I’m upset or just feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I guess that kind of explains why I’m a bit weird and just don’t know how to really talk with people. I didn’t people around to teach me what was nice and what was just horrible. I’m kind of a huge bitch to people; some like you just take it on the chin and realize it’s just me but you have no idea how much trouble it gets me into. But I’m glad you kind of get it and don’t think I’m just a complete cunt. Or maybe you do but, I wouldn’t know ‘cause I don’t actually know you...

Anyways... I honestly couldn’t wait to tell you about my “Take apart the words” tattoo and I’m so glad that I got the chance to the other day over Facebook chat ‘cause it means the world to me that you don’t think I’m an idiot over getting it. That and c’mon, being able to get the first known BP tattoo is fucking kick ass!

Straylight Run has helped me through being homeless. Like, this time last year, I didn’t have a home. Imagine knowing that you don’t have a roof over your head or a safe place to sleep at night. It scares me to think that one day that could happen again and that I could be back to living on the street... But God, at times I wanted to give up but when we found a shelter to live in, I was able to charge up my iPod and just cry to Straylight Run. As crazy as that sounds, it made me feel so much better about everything.

Straylight Run always will be my safe band. But don’t worry, I don’t plan on getting any Straylight Run tattoos... Well, not just yet.

I guess the only point to this letter is to say thank you. I know I’m weird, I’m creepy and I practically stalk you but, yeah. Musically you mean the world to me so don’t you dare bother giving up anytime soon ‘cause if you do, I’ll be heartbroken. Just like I’ll be heartbroken if I don’t finally get to meet you when you’re next in London ‘cause I’ve been waiting a mighty long time and you know, that kind of sucks majorly.

Well, um... Break a leg this tour, I guess!
Love, The Color Abi :) x

I'm so grateful for Juliet, my brilliant American friend. I'm so happy that she won those fun. tickets because she fucking well deserves them! That and she gets to stare at the famous nankles now. Nom...
March 6th, 2012 at 10:44pm