While I Was Away...

Hullo Mibbians!! So, I havent been on for like a week, but I've been uber busy with our school's Musical. We're doing Footloose... its not the best, but not the worse. We still have to whip some things out or our asses. Good thing I just do spot lights! (I get a mother truckin' head set with a mic too... :D)

Any way, on March 1st I saw All Time Low in concert.... I've been waiting to do that since foreverrr!!! IT WAS SOO AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY BRILLIANT LIKE HOLY GHUAWIOGHRWIUAGHRIU.... <---- it was that good. seriously.

Plus I touched Alex Gaskarths hand. Twice.
^Everytime I say that I feel even more creepy... but still it happened.

It was the last stop from their Canadian Tour so they just dicked around and forgot an acoustic guitar, but those are always the best shows.

Any way, the start to my March was pretty epic... Now its off to Rise Against and A Day to Remember in May and Warped Tour in July.... WHOS EXCITED FOR WARPED? I KNOW I AM!

-Adios amigos ;)
March 7th, 2012 at 04:09am