When I'm a Mom (forced affection)

My mom had lots of rules for us kids to follow. The one that I found was pretty pointless was the one on forced affection. We have to kiss her on the cheek when we leave or enter her presence. For example, we have to kiss her when we get out of the car.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal because lots of parents would want their kids to show affection to them. But the thing is, it’s forced. When something is forced, especially something like this, it loses meaning.

Why do you kiss your parents (if you do)? Because you love them.
Why do my siblings and I kiss our parents? Because mom told us to.
See the difference?

If she really wanted us to kiss her, she could playfully say “Kiss!” and point to her cheek. This would lighten the mood and not make it feel so forced. Or better yet, she could kiss us first. Lead by example.

Her present method just makes her seem like a dictator.

Then again, maybe what’s important to her is appearance. If we appear affectionate, then that’s enough for her.

I definitely don’t want that when I’m a mom. I want real affection, and to get that, I know I have to give it first.


Do any of your parents have weird rules like this?
March 20th, 2012 at 10:28am