Wierdest Week of my life... (maybe?)

Okay... Firstly my laptop charger blew up and almost set my bedroom on fire! O_O I was not pleased!

Next I went camping for 4 days and I got attacked by fish, goats and this duck kept following me :S

After all this I finally come home to see that my kitchen was flooded and my washine machine was totally knackered.

Finally my school's trip came around and we went to this theme park where me and my friends got kicked off these paddle boats cause we pretended to be pirates and attacked others... We where Captain Tibles, Co-Captain Bunny Ears (me) and sheep scrubbers 1 and 2 XD we had swords and everything.

Then I almost get mowed by the stupid Mail man's van on my way to school.

And to top it ALL of I get asked out... In a Cemetary!!!! O_o

In other news, Street Kid WILL be updated tomorrow :)

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July 12th, 2007 at 06:38am