School Is Almost Out! [glee & 1D]

Today in Lit class, we had to take a popular TV theme song and turn in into something that has to do with chivalry and knights and basically medieval stuff. My best friend and I chose 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's' theme song and we rapped it in front of the class. Aha. And the weird thing was that I wasn't nervous. On the other hand, my best friend, who is never nervous, was actually shaking at the end. Our ~song was called 'The Fresh Prince of Kel-Air.' lol.

And starting tomorrow, there is only one month of school left! You don't know how great that is. Only a month left of being a sophomore.


I'm going to start bringing my camera to school everyday and taking pics of random shizz. But it's like when I do actually bring my camera, absolutely nothing interesting happens. But when I don't, it's like the circus came to my school. Anyway...

I'm seeing One Direction in concert this summer! I'm seeing them June 27 in North Carolina! Wooh, I'm super excited. It'll be my first concert and I'm going with my mom, lawl.

Glee comes on tonight. But every episode brings us closer to the babies graduating. :( I dunno, I don't think I can handle it. I just don't know how Glee is going to do after most of the kids are out of school. I know that Rachel and Kurt have plans and so does Puck and Quin and the others, but they don't involve each other and that's not cool. Ugh, I guess that's part of growing, even with fictional characters, aha.

And I'm still enjoying that scene that Blaine had in the shower last week. *___* But it just kills me how they basically use a whole bottle of gel on his hair.

I'm starting to use Mibba a lot more like I use to. I've even found a story that I'm head over heels for. :) It's a 1D fic: Moments.

And because Florence is my queen:
April 17th, 2012 at 10:44pm