I have to BS my way through a 7-15 page paper.

You can be darn sure my paper will ring it right at 7, double spaced pages.

My professor gave us this assignment about a week and a half ago, and it's due Wednesday. I understand part of college is writing research papers, and I don't mind doing it- I love expository writing, but why must all the research papers come the last three weeks of class? I have SO much other work to be doing, and if I had gotten this assignment a month earlier, I'd have it done by now. It's really inconsiderate to give such a short deadline for such an extensive project.

What really irks me is this paper involves other people- I'm supposed to interview a parent or grandparent to write about (it's a life and times biography) but I have no relatives near my university, and I tried to do this over the phone but it's very impractical.... so I'll be making it up, and my professor will be none the wiser. And when I get an A, I'll have some smug sense of satisfaction.

I can't decide what time period to write about. I'm thinking either WWII or the 1960s. Where should my hypothetical grandparent find themselves in my paper?
April 22nd, 2012 at 08:39pm