I Haven't Posted in Ages! | Free Story Reads/comments

Be it a new story part or just a journal entry, I haven't posted for what seems to be ages! Sad! (Maybe, I tend to chitter chatter, so maybe it's a good thing I haven't posted in ages!)

I blame AP testing! (My two tests will be in the next two weeks). So I've been studying when I have time, as well as reading through a series my friend has lent me.

Anyways, to try and get back onto Mibba, I've decided to do a Free Reads journal.

Basic stuff:

-Put down a story you want me to read.
-I'll comment (of course), on what I liked and so on.

What to be expected:
-It may take me a few days to get to your story (I am still studying when I have the time), but I will check the journal entry often and so forth to make sure that I don't miss you!

That's it... a rather simple journal entry, yes? Questions to fill the time?

1. How was your day?
2. What story would you like me to read?
3. Favorite book?

Bye then!
May 2nd, 2012 at 02:55am