Head lost in the heart

wow, i have a headache, as well as a heartache.
i just found out my boyfriends mom wants tot alk to me and my parents.
i just want the whole scenario to be let go. i cant take it. wow, i told my parents the truth and now i am taking the consequence, okay, so why cant it be left as that?
Mom and Dad- that is the key word.
They don't understand. well, that is what i am told.
now what i learned- is that they want to, but it is in their nature not to
their meaning of unerstanding is different than ours- they do something wrong we cry, get over it
we do something wrong- they cry and let it bother you for the rest of our lives!
anyways,this is still about yes, sex!
i like it, not a problem for me- oh, wait i thought i was pregnant.
i'm not-great.
now its called natures birth control pills for me.
your probably wondering why the hell is she broadcasting this or why is she having it if she was scared.
well, i am not scared of sex. i believe it is something people who love one another has the right to choose to do.
but i do not want to talk to parents.

but my boyfriend wrote me this long letterand pretty much told me how he felt.
so that makes me better.
dead_punk i have the song by Blink-182 stuck in my head the party song
March 7th, 2007 at 09:25pm