*sighs* come forth people who care...

being a 3rd year high school student is really setting in on me... it's like everyday you have to do something... it's a miracle I'm still finding little time to mibba-ize... or is that just me procrastinating...
either way, let this girl pour out all what she can say at the moment, coz it might be an extremely long time (or not) before you hear from her.
First of all, to those who are in the Philippines and actually watch news, can you please tell me about the anti-terrorist movement thingy? it's for Values Education, I need to make a 'stand'.
Other from that, I have to make a stupid unit circle for Trigonometry, make a friggin' script for a role-play in THE... no wait I already did that... oh well, have to memorize a speech and have to think of 'who was my greatest influence' in Public Speaking, have to memorize a 2 and a half talumpati(I think it's called speech in english? o.O shame to me, not knowing what it means) for Filipino, and a mountain of activity cards.
I guess I better get working.
July 18th, 2007 at 08:07pm