Updates, peeps!

I just updated my MCR "pre-story" if you will, so feel free to lemme know what you think! (And don't be afraid to rate it either).

I was watching some EMO news story on someone else's blog today, and I just wanted to laugh. Well, I did laugh. I'm sorry. I guess I know people out there have those issues, I used to, but these people were just SO over reacting. And it kinda made me mad that there are the kids who do EMO as a style and for 'fun and attention'. Gah. And parents, who, as usual, don't know what to do, so they act like your worshipping satan. Fucking retards. Dude if your kid really is doing that stuff, and means it, not just for the fuck of it-try a goddamned counselor! *gasp!* Why don't you try and resove the issue instead of acting like your kid is misbehaving? God for freakin bid, man. Sorry. Ranting again. It's not like parents read this shit anyway. Thank God they don't knwo about mibba, or else it'll be like myspace, they'll take it away. Bastards.
March 9th, 2007 at 09:33pm