Happy Holidays, You Bastard.

Happy Holidays.



Happy Holidays.

To me, Happy Holidays is the biggest oxymoron out there. Christmas. Valentines. New Years. Etc.

I realised this year, that for some reason each year, when the "Happy Holidays" roll around, Disappointment is always left in it's wake.

It might be the disappointment of getting a whole heap of Christmas presents, that you actually don't want/like. At all.

Or it might be the disappointment of being alone on Valentines day, whilst surrounded by happy, canoodling couples. Or sitting in class, watching roses being delivered to your surrounding friends, while you sit there, trying to joke about the fact you seem to have been forgotten.

Or maybe it's the disappointment of finding your partner at 11:59 pm with some stranger, about to lock lips.

Tension and arguments arise and often ruin many peoples days.

And I find they end up bringing more despair and sadness that Happiness and exhultation.

Maybe I'm just a pessimist.

Maybe my view is tainted by various media forms.

Or maybe, I've just had serial bad luck.

Either way, I can wait for New Years.
December 26th, 2006 at 11:37am