Lifes tough when your forbidden from loving My Chemical Romance. (PLEASE READ!!)

This is just something I have been thinking about now for months and now i can finally get it out in the open a problem that has plauged me for some time. My best friend someone I had put all my trust in hates that i love My chemical romance.

It is a fairly long and complicated story and I hope you here at mibba can understand my problem and offer words of advice in the matter.

Well the story goes: At the begining of last school year I started haning out with this girl who proudly excepts her being an emo and shuns all people who try and be emo at our school whether or not they were emo before or after her. So while hanging out with her she listened to My Chemical Romance and considered them her thing. I accepted that and only really listened to them when she palyed them not giving it much thought. pretty soon I got more and more into them until one day I finally fell head over heels for My chemical romance.

My friend at first accepted my new found obsession with the band and my only hopes was for her to accept it and giggle and fetish over the guys as much as me. But she did not take kindly to me "copying" her by listening to them. Until one day she snapped.

She accused me of copying her because I was listening to them so she tore from her wall her my chem poster and right in front of me ripped it to peices as well as my heart in a sense. She then pretty much silently forbidded me from breathing the words My Chemical Romance around her. I abliged her and to keep her happy kept my My chem obsession behind locked doors because I really fear her and losing her as a friend in short form I really have no backbone. I secretly though listened to them non stop In my room they were my passion and ultimatly my all time favourite band I also in the band found myself drawn to the guitarist Ray Toro for his awesome hair and amazing guitar skills. My brother and mother all saw what she was doing to me but my brother not having much more backbone then me also kept quiet as well as my mom at my command for fear she would in rage leak all my personal secrets that I had entrusted her with.

But soon another problem arose. My chem were coming to my city I was exstatic but the only ticket I could get was from a guy who was dating my friends poser friend. But in the months before the concert it managed to remain under wraps me telling only few people them not knowing of my plight. Until one day A girl casually brought up the concert in front of my friend. She was furious spewing words like bitch and pathetic at me. Then she just gave me the silent treatment for the rest of the class. I battled my emotins and finally whipped up a lie that I had gotten the ticket for her and she believed me but she said she was not even gonna go if I gave it to her because she did not want to go alone.

On the outside I was happy but on the inside I was destroyed. I had given up the one thing that would make me happier then anyone because some girl can't accept that you don't have to be emo to like my chem. i was so distraught I cried my eyes out all night and worked myself up so much I got sick causing me to have to stay home the next day. My mom then told me straight up that no matter what she was not letting me give up the ticket. So I let her forget that I promised her the ticket and lived in peace but always with that constant fear it would come up again.

I was lucky up until the day before the concert when she told me to bring it for the next day. I freaked I turned into a nervous wreak. But my mom sneakily made a copy of the ticket and told me no matter what I was going to that concert. So she never asked about the ticket that day so I was safe and I went to the concert and went nuts as I saw my boys grace the stage and rock the black parade as well as scattered hits from revenge. I never got to meet them but I got plenty of pics and poster and shirt.

I returned to school in fear of someone slipping that I was there but within weeks it was forgotten except for me and I gave her the fake ticket eventually and she bought it and to wonderful news it got destroyed in her washing machiene so she could never figure out it was fake. things returned to normal except she is not allowed in my room at all and she know disses my chem all the time saying they are sell outs because Gerard dyed his hair blonde and when she once said he was hot know says " Why would anyone marry him he is disgusting." or when refrencing Ray Toro "He can not pull off emo pants we is to ugly" or some shit like that which i think he looks quite fine with them. i bite my tounge in order to keep my obsession secret to her but I plead to you out there in Mibba land what can i do i need advice or gentle words!! it be much appreciated!!
August 15th, 2007 at 06:14pm