I hear about it maybe just rumers or stories but i wanna know whats what! PLEASE HELP!!

Ok I have a couple things about My Chemical Romance I have heard about or read in some of the stories so I was wondering if its true.

first off I heard that Mikey sticks things in toasters now i have read this in several stories and I was just wondering if this is something he actually done or not.

next the whole MCR and the used thing what happened there i know they were once friends but what happened why are they no longer friends?

and last but not least I heard from some stories about Gerard being in a relationship once before but it failed and I also hear the girls name was eliza or something like that but then I read somewhere in a magazine that the name of the girl he was engaged to now was longtime girlfriend eliza im confused so if anyone knows anything about all of this let me know please!!!!
August 28th, 2007 at 02:10pm