Trying to Get Back

It's been a year - if not more - since I wrote intensely.
I still write, but it is much, much rarer now. I want to write, but whenever I sit down in front of my computer, I have no inspiration. I get frustrated when I sit with an open, empty document, because I find myself unable to express anything.
I used to use writing as a second life; to create another self and express some of my deepest hopes and darkest fears. It used to be a relief for me, but now it's less than that. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it's not relief anymore.

But what I've realized in the last few days - something that has slowly been building, expanding and taking over - is that I need to write.
Despite the fact that I'm doing it less and it seems to mainly frustrate me rather than giving me a form of release, then I need it. I need to tap the keys at an incomprehensible speed, because I need to express myself and I need to do it quick before the thought and words vanish.

I need to recreate, redefine and reenter my virtual self.

Just within the 21st century, the internet and all its contents has become so vitally important to all of us. We all need it and we all rely on it. It's our bank; our shopping mall; our entertainment. It's our spouse; our parent; our friend. Without it, we feel isolated. The world has become less physically interconnected, and more virtually connected. Without that connection, it's as if we don't exists.
Teenagers today have grown up online, and now, they need not only create an identity, but also an online identity. They need to find themselves - also on the internet.
Grown-ups above the age of 25 are dependent on the internet and have been, in some ways, forced to learn how to use the internet and not just how to type.
Even the elderly - those above 70 - have learned how to use the internet, both because they see the convenience of it, but also because it's become vital.

The internet is no longer just a luxury item: it's essential.
Government, banking, and even shopping have practically become synonymous with the internet: paying your taxes, checking your accounts or buying certain products are things that 4 out of 5 times needs to be done over the internet - the possibilities of doing such in person are getting rarer and rarer.

We are so addicted to the internet: how are we ever gonna be able to live in the real world?
I think we aren't.
We're forced to be here, and I guess I'm accepting that (I'd love to say for now to please my conspiracy-theory-self, but but...).

So I'll get back on track.
I'll write again, express myself and find my second sanctuary again.

As a great actor once said so brilliantly that I can in no way refuse to repeat this glorious phrase:
I'll be back!
May 24th, 2012 at 11:50pm