Cry Baby + swap + some questions.

So, I'm watching Cry-Baby right now. I haven't watched this movie in the longest time. I love it so so very much. I'm in love with Johnny Depp, as is most everyone else. I just think he looks especially yummy in this movie. I have a thing for bad-boy, greaser looking guys. ;D I wish more people still dressed like that. :D Now I'm kind of inspired to write a story that takes place in that time. xD

Anyway, I want to do a swap! I don't have much time online today but I can definitely get to it tomorrow, if you'd like to participate. The only rules are you comment first and you get what you give! So, if you're willing to do a swap on my story, The Fisherman's Daughter, just leave me a comment here. Or, if you've already read that or aren't interested, feel free to pick something else.

1. Have you ever seen Cry-Baby?
2. Favorite Johnny Depp movie?
3. Any celebrity crushes?
4. Is there any other era you would've liked to live in or at least visit?
5. Would you like to swap?

Have a great day!
May 28th, 2012 at 08:55pm