Opinions + summer plans + questions

So, it's Friday. Hooray! That means there's only one week left up here at the college. Until fall quarter, that is. But it's nearly summer break. So that means more writing! I have a few new ideas that I've made story pages for but haven't posted anything yet. And I have a few stories that I've started that I'm going to post soon. Soooo. I need opinions on this layout and summary.

It's called Isolation Years. You can check it out here. Feedback would be appreciated!

It's my new baby. But yeah. Check it out.

Also, I thought I might add that I absolutely love the new comment swap feature! It's brilliant.

Now some questions for you.

1. Will you give me an opinion, please? :)
2. Do you like/have you used the comment swap feature?
3. Are you still in school or out on summer break? Or none of the above? ;D
4. Any stories you're working on?
5. What are you going to do over the summer?
6. How is your day/night going?

See ya! :D
June 9th, 2012 at 02:54am