What a strange few days. [+ some questions]

These past two days or so have been really weird. For one, yesterday, this guy I occasionally talk to asked me for my phone number. Well, that's just weird because that never ever happens. No one here likes me. :D

And today, while I was just innocently surfing Facebook, a friend (who was once upon a time my best friend) messaged me out of nowhere. Ever since she and her boyfriend had gotten together and rushed into moving in with each other and whatever, she hadn't talked to me at all. So I thought that was weird, that she just randomly decided to talk to me.

So we're talking and I mention something about her forgetting about me or whatever. She tells me that was not the case at all. Turns out, her boyfriend thought I hated him and that I was trying to break them up. So he made her avoid me and not talk or hang out with me, otherwise he'd get mad. I was like... lolwut? I never said one word about him nor did I ever try to break them up. I don't think I could ever do that to someone.

But anyway, she broke up with him yesterday and she's talking to me again. Weird.

Anywho, Tuesday's my last in-class day of college and I'm thrilled. Summer break for me. Woo. I just found out I got an 85 on my psychology paper. Which is great, for me at least. Everyone I know got 75. This professor was a headache. But at least I really like the subject of the class.

1. Any weird things happen to you lately?
2. Do you have any friends who stopped talking to you because of boyfriends/girlfriends?
3. Have a nice day/night!
June 11th, 2012 at 04:59am