Motivation + Contests + Questions

It seems like my mind is coming up with a billion ideas for stories lately. It's really great but it's really not helping me get any work done on my updating my preexisting stories. Sometimes it helps because I can get my mind off of one thing for a bit of time and focus on another, then come back to the first thing when I'm ready. But still. I need to focus on updating my two babies Isolation Years and The Fisherman's Daughter. Those are the ones I have the most motivation and inspiration for, so I must continue.

Anyway, I've been wondering. What kind of contests do you guys like to join normally? Is there any specific kinds of contests you like to join over other contests? I'd like to start another contest. And, of course, I have plenty of ideas for one. I'd just like to see which types people are more interested in participating in.

Ah, the weather is so nice here for once. It's actually beginning to look like summer. Now I can't wait til tomorrow, around noon. Because then, I will be done with college for the year. I'm so excited, even though I won't be doing much.

And lastly, would anyone like to do a comment swap? I'll swap for anything of mine you find interesting (but preferably one of the previously mentioned stories). So long as you comment first. :)

1. Do you join contests often?
2. Is there a certain type of contest you prefer to join?
3. What's the weather like where you live?
4. Would you like to do a comment swap?
5. Hope you're having a wonderful day/night!
June 11th, 2012 at 09:02pm