tumblr + free reads + questions

What is with Mibba today? It seems to be so quiet. It's sad really. Especially because I'm sick and I have nothing better to do, so I've been online all day. I've been back and forth between Mibba and Tumblr. Tumblr has had waaaay more activity.

Oh yeah. I stumbled across a story/character Tumblr today. I thought it was rather nifty. So I was wondering. Do any of you have a blog for any of your characters? Or a tumblr that is centered around your story/stories? I'd be really interested in checking them out and perhaps following. :)

Anyway, I got quite a few comments done for the comment swap feature today and received a few comments in return. Gosh, I just love that feature. It's getting me to read things that I normally wouldn't read. Which is great because I've found some gems. :D

And now that it's nighttime, I'm starting to get into my writing mood, so I think I might start writing some updates for a couple of my stories until I get too tired and exhausted from being sick.

And now I'm going to offer some free reads. Because I really like to comment on peoples' work. All that I ask is that it not be too terribly long. I'd prefer nothing over 10 chapters at the moment, because I'll probably be going to bed soon.

Anyway, here's some questions for you all.

1. Do you have a Tumblr?
2. Do you have a character/story blog? Or do you know any that you'd reccomend?
3. Have you used/do you like the comment swap feature and why?
4. Have any stories you'd like me to check out?
June 14th, 2012 at 07:45am