Back, stronger than ever!!!

Life has a ridiculous funny way of working out. Back in December my gf decided that the answer was to cheat on me, then she broke up with me. I lost my gf, and my son, (he was hers, but I took him on as my own) and my home. She went crazy basically. I thought I would never pick up the pieces from hitting rock bottom. One morning I woke up and was like what am I doing?

I now have a life where I am free to do what I want, and no, I don't have to worry about taking care of a child. My living situation isn't the best, but it's definitely better than being homeless I would say :) I now have a new boyfriend. He knows I'm bi, and knows my past and hasn't run yet! He makes me happy, but we're taking things slow and it has been great.

So now on to the best news, I am currently working on my stories again :) It's hard working on them in depressed moods only because then I end up with stories going in a direction that they weren't intended to. Plus, I wanted to make sure I was giving you guys all the attention you deserved when it comes to these stories. So please, definitely take a look if you'd like.

They are:

I Scream into the Night for You

You Say I'm Fixed, But I Still Feel Broken (still needs a layout, I know)

I'll Jump for You

The End of Forever (Layout needs to be fixed)

Regardless, I am excited to return to these. I was reading them today and they got me so excited, plus I started writing another story, but I am not going to be posting it for a while. I want to actually make sure It's finished and polished, because this one actually brings my breakup into the lime light, and I am trying to incorporate every emotion possible that I felt and everything. Names (minus mine) have been changed, but that one is coming along nicely.

All in all it is great to finally be back :)

Love Always,

Evil_Angel <3
June 19th, 2012 at 10:40pm