Anyone knows Fearless Vampire Killers?

Well, They're this band, y'know in Kerrang... ultra theatrical, something like the offspring of MCR, Queen and Panic! at the Disco with occasional metal death growl and riff.
They also have a very developed universe of song settings and all...

I even know their address, mind. They live in that tiny apartment and they have to share beds. The "Timids" (Shane "Cyrus Barrone" Sumner and Drew "Wooly" Woolnough) in one and Laurence "Panda" Beveridge and Kier Kemp in the other. That's pretty much how it rolls ; because more OBVIOUSLY FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL than this band you don't have it. Well, they're at least bi.
Forget the Frerard kisses. Forget the Smatkins. This band is so bi-curious it will make you explode.

So I was thinking about some slash oneshot or shit. For the funz. Shizzles, yknow (Shit + giggles = shizzles).

Anyone would b up for reading that stuff?
June 20th, 2012 at 07:38pm