so sad I feel like.. I'm crumbling from the inside out..

My husband is my net friend in the whole world.. Or at least he was till his cousin moved here now he don't ever want to spend time with me he's always out with his cousin and everything I say is a lie or an overreaction or I'm just being"a bitch". I will admit I do trend to get grouchy but I've been working on it and getting a lot better.. I feel like I'm slowly dying inside the more he hangs out with his cousin the less he cares about me. I feel like I'm gonna die I hurt so bad. To make mates worse my bff from high school is off work for two days and I want to go hang out with her for a few hours but he said I can't she has to come to my house or we can't hang out. I feel so alone and so sad.. I don't even wanna move. I feel so broken
June 25th, 2012 at 02:19pm