love gone sour

Once upon a time.. Ha that's for fairy tales not my life.. Oh well..

Once upon a time I was down and he picked me up dusted me off and convinced me I was everything to him.. He was my bright spot on a cloudy day.. But now.. Now he's the one bringing me down making me wish I were dead. How did Al love so great turn so sour? How can I still love you with all I am and you... You despise me now you use me and make wish for death. You day you can help but all you do is hurt. How could the man who loved me so long ago not care if I take my own life and plunge to the pits of hell? How can you stand by and watch as you and others tear my heart out and destroy me?

And the sick thing is... I still love you.
July 6th, 2012 at 09:54pm