Phone Problems

So, I have phone problems.
I know, I'm probably saying this out of nothing.
But seriously, I charge my phone and wait till it's fully charged to use it.
Then when it's complete I use it and then an hour later it's dead, or every time I'm texting someone, going on the internet or whatever it flakes out and glitches like a madmen!
It pisses me off.
And it's only when I have a touch screen phone.
I've literally had four phones this entire year. Two in one month.
The phone I have now is brand new and it's already a piece of shit.
Gahhh! I hate my life.
I don't normally like technology.
But when it comes down to my phone (something I use every day)
I start worrying.
I don't remember anyone's numbers because numbers suck.
So, if it dies and I have to get a hold of my parents or siblings or whoever I need to talk to at that time, I'm fucked!

Gahhh! What am I going to do?!
July 19th, 2012 at 11:02pm