I've got everything to lose.

Dear reader,

Alright so today I went to Dorney Park with my friend and her family and it was fun with a little down spins. I should let you know now she continually annoyed me and I hate when people get the same thing as me and want to match. There's certain people I'd match clothes with and it's not her.

I know that makes me sound like a total douche but it really bothers me.

Anyway she bought the same shirt as me in a different color and I wanted to like strangle her. Then afterwards when we were leaving to go home we stop at McDonald's across the street from the park and that's when I saw him the hottest guy I've ever seen this year. And were flirting and he worked at McDonald's and were so close I could smell him which let me tell you he smelled heavenly. Well I was going to ask for his number but my friend came and totally cock blocked me.

To say the least I was pissed and I still am and as I'm writing this in the car on my phone, makes me feel a little better. So now I have to wait till my Bestfriend and I go to state fair where a mega load of hot guys will be at so then we can be eachothers wingman ladies.

So I guess if I learned a lesson today is to learn the hot guy you encounters name or look at his name tag so you look him up on a social networking site and be cautious of cock blockers.

Love and rockets,

July 20th, 2012 at 03:25am