Less Avenged Sevenfold, More One Direction?

I've noticed that a lot of people have left Mibba recently (probably because of the layout changes), but when they go, they've taken a lot of fan-fictions. I'm using Avenged Sevenfold as a reference because I've noticed that the number of A7x fictions is dwindling, along with a lot of other stories that used to pop up here on Mibba.

And as those authors leave, it seems like more One Direction fans have joined Mibba. Leaving the story pages full of One Direction fan-fics. On the second page of the stories, there were five One Direction stories. It's not that I mind them that much, but when I click on them, I notice that many of them don't have backgrounds or have poorly done backgrounds. Of course there are ones that are pretty visually, but I'm just discouraged by the amount of One Direction stories that aren't done very well.

Another thing I've noticed since the layout changes is that there are a lot more slash stories about bands. I used to read some of the original slash stories because they were usually really well done, but now there are crazy pairings popping up all over the place, and they all get a name. The newest name I've seen is "Racky". As in Ronnie Radke and Jacky Vincent. I could help but start laughing because I could never imagine quiet, British Jacky getting together with loud, out-there Ronnie. But hey, don't mind me, right about what ever you want. Just don't expect me to read it. I probably would laugh because I, personally, find that unfathomable.

One thing that I like about the "new" Mibba users is that everyone seems to be writing more original fictions and talking about them more, too. It's cool to see everyone venture out onto their own ideas and characters. (:

Sorry for the rant, I've just been thinking quite a bit about this and realizing that people are "quitting" Mibba at quite an alarming rate. Just last night the closest person to me here on Mibba, left Mibba. So, I feel alone on here now. Haha.

- Have you noticed anything different since the changes?
July 28th, 2012 at 04:26pm