How do you guys do it?

'Ello, Mibbs. Oh lookie, I've made a second blog - and it ISN'T four months later. That's a great sign, right? I'm slowly getting my way back onto here, hurrah!

So, Mibbs, guess what. I'm planning to write an original fiction. AN ORIGINAL FICTION, GUYS. ORIGINAL. And I'm going to write one in a genre that's completely new for my writing - SCI-FI. Oh my god guys, call the writer cops because I just may make a complete mess of this.

But I'm so excited. I have this idea forming - I don't know if anyone but myself will like it so I'll keep it hush hush until I've formulated it enough to be public like-worthy - and I know it's going to take probably a few more months of planning before I can really start writing it. I just have SO much planned for it, and some I'm not even sure about, so it will take time.

The thing is, I have really bad patience with writing. I just quit all my work after some time (it's why I've never completed anything more than a short story...). I just feel like my writing is useless and I start to hate my plot and throw it all away altogether. I really don't want to do that this time. I want to take this seriously. I'm off to college and I've always dreamed of writing my first legit story during this time...

So, I'm asking YOU to help me out!

How? Easy. Just answer these q's!

Tell me: What keeps you writing? How do you get yourself to not give up and complete the story? Do you like to take breaks in between and then force yourself to write afterwards? etc., etc.

JUST TELL ME YOUR SECRETS GUYS. THIS IS MY DREAM AND I HAPPEN TO BE A MAJOR QUITTER WHEN IT COMES TO MY DREAMS. I don't want to feel like I already failed and give up. I need more than motivation to keep me going. I need your tips that (hopefully) can help me make my story become more than just a daydream!

Answer please? I'd love you forever. And by forever, I mean foreverrrrrrr. Foooooooooorever. Forever!

Forever. Please.
July 29th, 2012 at 05:36am