Disney Challenge Day 1: Your Favorite Character | & I Am Loving Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Oh hi, August. Thought it was a good time to start this on the first day of August. This is the first blog for the 30 Day Disney Challenge I told you all about yesterday. I'm glad to see others are wanting to do this as well. Should be fun to see how everyone answers.

This question was actually hard for me. I thought it would be easy to pick my favorite Disney character but when I sat down to think about it... I couldn't decide. There's so many characters in Disney that I adore, I don't really think I have a true one favorite. I mean, I can pick my favorite princess, but we'll save that for another blog. That's actually what Day 2 asks. But a favorite character out of all the movies? That's much harder to decide.

I think it's hard for me because my favorite over-all character changes every so often. Disney has created so many amazing and incredible characters that I have just fallen in love with, so my favorite over-all character changes often and I can't just narrow it down to one. So, without further rambling, I will give you two of the first characters that popped into my mind...

Mushu from Mulan and Lottie from The Princess and Frog.

Both Mushu and Lottie are fun and adorable little annoyances that I absolutely love. They both add a good amount of comedy to their respective movies. Mushu seems to create most of the comedy in Mulan with his antics. And Lottie... Well she's just obnoxious as hell and that's why I loved her character. She always means well but can never see how obnoxious she can be. Her obnoxious behavior is what makes her funny. I would not enjoy knowing a person like her though, someone with her personality could get real annoying after just a short while. But while in movies, her kind of character is really funny.

Now, onto Kingdom Hearts... Please be aware that there will probably be spoilers for the game below, so scroll down at your own risk. I'll try to keep the spoilers on the down-low but you know... Just be aware of that.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has finally been released in North America, it came out yesterday on July 31. It's about time too, you Europeans and Australians got it like a week and a half before we did. My mom went and picked it up for me. I asked her to and told her I'd pay her back the cost, but she told me she didn't want the money. I love my mom when she does these things. She know show big a fan of Kingdom Hearts I am and she knows I don't have a lot of money to work with at the money, so she agreed to buy the game for me because she knew I wanted it. I've gone through three worlds with Riku and two worlds with Sora, I'm almost done with the third world with Sora. Yes, you do get to switch between Sora and Riku in this game. Probably one of my favorite new features of it. KH3D is a 3DS game, so you will need a 3DS to play it and it does utilize the 3D features of the system. It's pretty cool actually watching some of the cut scenes with the 3D on.

KH3D is, as the title would suggest, a game that surrounds the concept of dreams. Riku and Sora are summoned to Master Yen Sid's tower where he tells them he wants them to take the Mark of Mastery exam to ensure that they are ready to face off with and destroy Master Xehanort. You may also know Xehanort by the names of Ansem (his heartless) or Xemnas (his Nobody). At first, Sora won't comply, insisting that he and Riku are already Keyblade Masters. But Riku steps forward and agrees to the test, fearing that he may not have truly conquered the darkness in his heart. He wants to take the exam to prove to himself that he is on the path to light and not darkness. After seeing Riku agree, Sora follows his friend's lead and agrees to the test as well.

Yen Sid tells them that when they freed the other worlds from darkness, a few still remained trapped. For the Mark of Mastery, Sora and Riku must go free these trapped worlds. There are seven sleeping worlds and seven sleeping keyholes. Sora and Riku must find and unlock these seven keyholes to free those worlds. If they can successfully free all seven worlds and return to Yen Sid, he will declare them Keyblade Masters.

KH3D dos have new enemies, and some are really quite adorable. The new enemies are called Dream Eaters, but there is a twist with these enemies. The twist is that they're not all bad, there are two kinds. The bad ones known as Nightmares and the good ones known as Spirits. The Nightmares must be fought and destroyed. However, the Spirits can be befriended and will help you along your journey. Donald and Goofy are not your allies this game. Sora and Riku must complete the Mark of Mastery without the help of their old friends, so Donald and Goofy are not your allies in this game. Your only allies will be the spirits you are able to create. I personally am going through the game with a ram Spirit, a dog-like Spirit, and a bat Spirit. I'm trying to create a panda Spirit but I'm having trouble gathering the necessary ingredients. I need three Vibrant Fancy's I think and I can't find any.

There are new worlds within the game though I don't know what they all are. Traverse Town, as usual, is where the game shall start. Once you complete Traverse Town, you must head to La Cité des Cloches. La Cité des Cloches is a world for The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see this. I am so amazed and happy that Notre Dame has got it's own KH world now. It is an incredible world and probably will stay my favorite one. But who knows, I haven't seen the other worlds yet. The third world I have been to is called The Grid. The Grid is a world based off of the Tron Legacy movie. The characters in this one are actually sort of creepy. They look so real. It's creepy and a bit weird.

The game is very good though. I'd recommend any Kingdom Hearts fan get it. From what I know, KH3D is a main game that is setting the series up for Kingdom Hearts 3. And yes, a KH3 has been confirmed by the creators but no word on when it'll be released has been announced. What system KH3 will be for has also not been announced, but people are assuming it'll be for the PS3 which is a good guess. But you can be rest assured that one is being planned. So KH3D isn't a side-game like Re:Coded was, it is a main game that'll probably serve very important for the story-line. So do get it when you have the chance to.

You know, I kind of want to do a Kingdom Hearts theme after playing this game for a while.... Ah, I'll think more about that and decide later.
August 1st, 2012 at 11:36pm