30 Day Challenge, day 1

I wasn't going to do this, but since I can't sleep and it might be interesting, here goes nothing.

So, the first day is fifteen facts about me and a recent picture, right? Oh, and an introduction.

I'm Laura... There, that seems like an introduction, right?

Anyhoo, here's lovely old me...


Yeah, um, that's the most recent picture I have that's not me covered in stage make up and insane curls for dance.

So, facts.

1. I live in the middle of no where. well, perhaps a little bit passed the middle of nowhere. It's a small irish town with a very country way of living. Pick up trucks, campfires by the lake, swinging off a rope into the water, but you can still feel the old Irish culture and traditions even among the younger generation, either in our lifestyles, our accents, or both.

2. I'm starting school in the fall to become a costume designer. I'm not sure if I want to do film costumes or Irish solo dresses. (Google them, it's a huge industry that few people know about) but I'd like to do those. I designed a steampunk one earlier, I'm quite happy with it, but don't have the stuff to make it (Or someone to wear it, it's not really my style to wea,r but I lvoe to look at the design.)

3. Disney fangirl. Listening to "I just Can't Wait to be King" as I type this up.

4. I'm an Irish dancer Yeah, with the big hair and dresses and not moving your upper body... Except I'm a preformance dancer and we do move our arms, and for some numbers, I feel like tinkerbell floating around, but not often. I'm not professional, but not amateur either. My english teacher calls it a semi pro level. I do alot of the things pros do, but I don't get paid -_-

5. I graduated from high school. That was my big accomplishment so far.

6. I published two books. the 2011 and 2012 yearbooks to be exact. Very compelling read, might find some interesting pics of my classmates in there;P (I was the editor)

7. I have two brothers. Believe me, that's no picnic. They leave their hockey gear lying around on the kitchen floor, and I step on skates all the time. I'm tempted to start wearing my hardshoes around the kitchen so the resin taps protect me from the skate blades.

8. I'm one of the only blondes I know and that doesn't bother me. Unlike my friends that are blonde, my hair isn't turning brown, for some odd reason, and it's as blonde as it's always been. That's okay though, because everytime I say something stupid by mistake, people assume it's my hair colour and don't make as big a deal of it.

9. I'm an airhead at times. I have an I.Q. of about 114, so I'm not techinically stupid, but I'm flighty and absentminded and the words don't come out right.

10. I used to be selective mute When I was a kid, I refused to talk. For a while, they thought I had some sort of disabilty or disorder, but I was just shy, because when I did start talking, I was at a higher verbal level than most of my age group. Like, sentence structure wise and such.

11. I have an aging disorder of some sort. Physically, I could pass for around 12, maybe thirteen, with a bone age at about 16 or 17. When I was younger, I was basically a four year old in a two year old's body, and at 18 I'm still catching up. Thank God for makeup, I couldn't even get into 14A movies until I started working at the theater and they realized how old I was.

12. I work at a theater. It's a great job, no real complaints.

13. I'm not a real interesting person. I'm running out of facts.

14. I've gone to two places this summer. Well, going. I went to New York last month, and I'm preforming in Ireland a week from today.

15. I love baked potatoes and rice. What? Thy're my two favourite foods! <3
August 2nd, 2012 at 04:31am