Wattpad, REOS, and Spotify

So first off I just wanna say that I will get back into writing out more REOS soon and finishing off the REOS for the 11:11 winners. I have just been so busy that I completely forgot for a while (mostly because until right now I didn't have a laptop to work on. Broke my screen off (don't be shaking any heads guys; I was more pissed off than you would be) and some how froze my dad's laptop screen (he just doesn't know yet).

I just joined Wattpad a few hours ago and posted Prove You Wrong up there. I'll probably be transferring some of my finished stories over there soon (don't worry though I'm not going anywhere; I just want to expand my writing to other addicting websites. If anyone also has a wattpad, mine is xxMusicAddict88 so go ahead and friend me please.

So yeah, I know spotify has been around for quite a while but because my laptop was the only one with the thing I couldn't really listen to any artist radios for a while until now that is. So I just have one thing to say about it: I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
August 3rd, 2012 at 01:03am