Blog challenge day 2. Disney #1

Okay, so today is nicknames.

I have a couple really, one is Zelda, after we called dibs on characters in my teachers fantasy Zelda play, the other is Martha. Something to do with me being a little old lady and it stuck after 18 years.

That was a short entry-_-

Okay Disney time!

My favourite character:


If I could post a god from my iPad, I would.
He's the adorable little chameleon from tangled, and while he may seem small and unimportant, the amount of detail put into him, his personality and his scenes is amazing, just watch the whole movie focusing on him, he's always on screen pretty much, and he's always doing something and while it doesn't add to the plot, the animators clearly deemed him important enough to put so much work into such minor little shots of him unnoticed by so many.
August 3rd, 2012 at 03:45am