I am experiencing 100% genuine trauma right now, Mibba.

I used to be into the whole fan girl thing; I followed Green Day like I was their shadow, I could tell you what shade Dita Von Teese's nails were that particular week and I thought the notion that some Harry Potter characters were "minor" was down right insulting. But, for some reason, I stopped being into the whole "super fan" thing. It was for the best, I was obsessive.

But Mibba, my fangirling is rearing it's ugly little head again, because of this man:


Christopher Meloni. A.K.A, Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: SVU.

I've always liked the Law and Order series, but sometime last winter, my cable was down, and I noticed Law and Order: SVU was on Netflix, so I started watching it. Since then, I've watched every episode season 1-11, and I'm wrapping up on season 12 now. The 13th season is currently airing.

Now, this show has been my stress reliever. My downtime go-to activity for months. If I'm having a bad day, I watch a few episodes, and watch Detectives Benson and Stabler kick some bad guy ass. It's great.


Season 12 is Stabler's last season. He leaves the show, and he's not in the 13th season. My life is ruined. I have like 20 more episodes filled with Stabler goodness, and then I'm cut off, AND I AM NOT READY FOR THAT. I don't know why it just hit me now, I've been nearing the end for a while. I think it's because I just saw Christopher Meloni making a guest appearance as a smart ass doctor on Scrubs and I realized I'd have to watch him on other shows now. I hear he's playing a character on True Blood, and that is making my skin CRAWL. Nothing against the show (never seen it), but Christopher Meloni plays a crazy awesome cop. Like, almost every other show he's been on, he's been a cop, and it's because he NAILS the character. I love Law and Order as a franchise because it's not about fake technology or glamorizing police work; it's about the nitty-gritty of being a cop with excellent, well-developed characters, and Stabler was my favorite.

I also just really like Christopher Meloni as a person. He's a big LGBT activist (which is some what ironic considering he plays a conservative, Catholic on SVY). He's just rad. Rad as heck.

So, if anyone else would like to mourn the loss of Elliot Stabler with me, or offer condolences, I am accepting. The only light I see in the tunnel right now is I'm going to start watching the original Law and Order series next, and he makes a few guest appearances. =]
August 3rd, 2012 at 05:01am