I have a question about financial aid and applying to colleges.

I read that financial aid doesn't pay your full tuition unless you're going to like a community college. I do not plan on going to a community college, so I'm concerned. To get full rides I know you have to get like a 31 on the ACT. I took it twice. I got a 21 the first time and then the second time I was happy when I got a 25. But now I want a 31 and I don't think I'm capable of reaching a score that high. I know there's other scholarships I can apply for and whatever but what if I don't end up getting enough money? What happens then? Do I just not go? I NEED to go.

So, I'm completely lost about all this. I went on the websites on all the schools I plan on applying to and wrote down what I need. I'm applying online to all the schools I plan on applying to. So, do I submit the application and send everything else separately? Like they say they want the ACT scores sent from the testing agency. So do I go to the ACT website and have them send it to the schools? And then it says to print off a high school counselor form and have them send it along with high school transcripts and my senior schedule. So, I guess my counselor will send that. So, it would all, in the end, be sent separately, right? Is that how it happens?

I looked at Ball State, Purdue, Indiana University, Hanover, and Northern Kentucky and the only one that specifically said they need an essay with the application is Purdue. I looked at the printable IU application and there wasn't an essay on it and I didn't read about any essay on the website. I think one other college said you need an essay when you apply for some scholarship there or something but that was it. I thought college applications always had essays along with the personal info you send them.

And I've always been told to be involved at school because it looks good on college applications. I don't remember seeing a place on the IU application about extra curriculars. What the heck?

I am so lost. My mom and dad never went to college. I'm like the first person in my family to go and I have no idea what I'm doing.
August 4th, 2012 at 08:00pm