Does anyone else relate to having trouble finishing projects?

I think that I spend too much time on this site, reading other Mibbian's stories and all. Those stories tend to inspire my dreams a bit, and in return, my dreams inspire me. Problem is...? I will be inspired and start a project to quench that inspiration, and then another idea will pop in my head that will get me even more inspired... only, on something else. This will happen to me repeatedly until I just become clueless on how to organize those ideas, thus making it near impossible for me to finish any of my projects. In the past I've tried posting stories, I'd get 3-6 comments on it after a couple chapters (or so), all saying that they were interested in where I was headed in my story, and even had some people complementing on my originality. (I do try!) However, my distractions and problematic, periodic 'I'm-not-in-the-mood-for-it's always seem to disappoint both my readers and I. Perhaps I suffer from A.D.H.D.? I wouldn't know, being as I've never been tested for it by a psychiatrist. (Though I did just side track and take one of those self-report tests… I might be mildly suffering from the disorder.) Funny, I am studying to be in such a profession as psychiatrists are.

As of lately, I have been (to little effect) trying to work against those tendencies of mine, my goal being that I actually finish a project. I even tell myself, that I will not post a chapter until I have most, if not, all chapters done. (My story Creature’s Site is proof that I have not done so as of yet.) Well, here is a (cyber) toast to some good ol’ fashioned self-disciplining. Please, do wish me some luck; it will be much needed and appreciated!
August 5th, 2012 at 06:34am