Dear Mibba, What The Heck?

Okay, so we all know the "bashing" rule. I've personally gotten a blog deleted for it, and now, one of my friends had her blog deleted, too.

And this time I believe that Mibba has taken their "privilege" too far.

Last night one of my friends posted a blog about text messages she'd received from a boy who was harassing and bullying her. I believe that she posted it to get a little support from other Mibbians, since we tend to band together when people need a little extra support.

She just wrote out the text messages so that Mibba could see that he called her a "fatty", made fun of her for liking him (at one point), and basically ridiculed her everything she said. Even when she asked him to leave her alone.

I am not okay with this!

I am not okay with anyone making fun of anyone else for their weight. You could be the size of a planet and if someone says one foul word about you, I will not be okay with it.

I think, honestly, that Mibba has started to go too far. Since the second remodel it seems that moderators and admins are cracking down on everything... too much. For a girl to tell people that a boy (who doesn't even use this site because he obviously lacks the creativity and brains) was belittling her and then have her blog deleted because she's "bashing" him. Who cares if she "bashes" the boy who called her names and picked on her, deliberately.

I think it's wrong for Mibba to delete blogs that expose bullying off the website. People should be able to speak out, in all honesty, about what's happening to them. They should be allowed to share their own text messages on the website.

This girl, my friend, didn't go into a long rant about how much she hates him or how much of an asshole he is to her, she only posted the rude and hurtful text messages that he sent her.

What's up with that Mibba? Why can't a girl expose a boy who is bullying her and ask for a little support and advice? She didn't even tell us his fricken name. Deleting her blog just added insult to injury. He bullied her and Mibba silenced her.

Censorship is going a little too far on this website. Because I know for a fact that her blog was NOT bashing. She hardly said anything bad about him, his text messages said it all. And if he didn't want people to know he's an asshole, then he shouldn't have texted her acting like one.
August 6th, 2012 at 05:32pm