Day 2 of 30 day blog challenge: nicknames.

Today is nicknames. It doesn't say whether it means my nicknames or nicknames I've given people so I'm gonna tell you the ones I've been given and how they came about.

Dex - I got given this nickname in high school because I used to sing a lot of Offspring stuff and I was quite good at mimicking Dexter Holland's voice. Some of my older friends still call me this. Its not a nickname I can say I’m very fond of but its dying out now so I’m not too bothered.

Beth - Its the shortened version of my actual name: Bethan (not Bethany >.<) and I only started getting called this when I started college and one of my Tutors called it me and it stuck. I think pretty much everyone calls me Beth.

Bethasaurus - given to me by a friend (who I call Brian Blessed because hes huge and does a brilliant Blessed impression!). I've no idea why he started to call me it but I like it!

Penguin - the pet name given to me by my lovely Boyfriend ( because I'm always cold so I stand close to him to warm up.

I think thats it.

Anyone got any interesting or funny nicknames?

I'd love to hear them! :)

P.S I’m going to force myself to update my current story (Snow) this week if any of my readers are reading. I’ll try my very best!
August 7th, 2012 at 07:11pm