Day 5230

Have you ever had those moments where you comment on someone's blog with your own related expirences. Only to find out that user is a boy, and you just wanna delete the comment but don't know how? I'm not used to seeing boys on Mibba, so that set me off a lot. Bro, if you read this. I. Am. Sorry. At least I didn't talk about periods, or vagina issues.

Anygeeway, tomorrow my mom is going to the hospital. Grand. She doesn't like to take me because she believes being in a hospital at a young age and very often isn't healthy, since we go a lot. So, maybe I could hang out with Gabby? But I need to ask her first, I don't wanna barge in. When you read this Gabby, because you are the only one who does, wanna hang out tomorrow?

Suicide mouse is still lingering, darn.

Right now I really don't know what to do. I have read the entire front page on reddit, read the comics on box of rage, Rage viewer and rage comics. So now I'm blogging.

I made a layout! Oh yeah! It's a Pokemon cup!

Well, let's get serious. Use protection. So, the commonly known farce we are shipped off to known as school is going to begin. In my district we have to use uniforms. A public ghetto school. Wow. I am a freshman, so the rules are different. From Monday to Wednesday we can only wear black, navy, Kaki, white, or grey. I guess all black it is. We can't wear anything with designs on them, or jeans or big zippers. Then on Thursday and Friday we can wear what ever the heck we want. If you don't want to wear uniforms, you need an exemption corn signed by your parents. They say it prevents bullying. But in reality there are some "hardcore" kids who don't wear uniforms and bully the "pussies" such as myself who are forced by our parents to wear the uniform. I just can't disobey my parents. No obedience = no Bass and no iPad.

Well. I just can't wait for this thing to start. I am dying for it to start. No, I am literally rotting inside for this thing to begin. I hope it doesn't. Can't wait for the hipster kids to hate on me again. My therapist says I need to join clubs and groups to make friends. The point is, I am the almost resurrected female version of L Lawliet from Death Note. I cannot make friends well. I have some friends, but people are not my strong link. Aahaha. Link. Zelda. XD

See, this is what I am talking about!

August 8th, 2012 at 11:46pm