When I'll update

Hey ya'll!
I am so glad Taste This Breath has so many readers...if you count 11 as a lot but anyways thanks everyone!
I have been horrendously busy with marching band, it's ridiculous so I'm sorry that it's taken a few days to update. I'm planning on writing the next chapter tomorrow, I had practice for 5 hours today and I am just plum too tired to write any tonight.
At church yesterday I met the boy of my dreams, well I already knew who he was but actually met him.
He kept flickering his eyes over to look at me so maybe he likes me? Probably not....I just over analyze things and I'm paranoid. Who could like me anyways? Not a gorgeous guy like him.
He asked my name and when I told him I'm going to be a freshman he said he had heard of me...that's a bit weird. Another thing is he's 18 and graduating this year....I'm 14 and going to be a freshman.
That's kind of...illegal.
Well if anyone reads this cross your fingers for me.
Did I mention I absolutely adore his laugh.
I mean age is just a number right......oh boy am I in denial.
Anywho, I'll write tomorrow.
Thanks for being so patient!
-Baylee Ray
August 10th, 2012 at 03:57am